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About Me and Photography


My photography journet began shortly after our son was born. A good friend did a photo session with us, using his Canon SLR. His results were stunning. My wife then bought my first SLR (Mamiya ZE) and I began talking photos of our son, of family gatherings, auto shows, and a lot of trips to the zoo.

When a good friend bought a Corvette, he always made sure I was at major events as "the official photographer". What great times - many Bloomington Gold weekends, an incredible time at Wounded Warriors' "'Vettes and Jets on the Lex", and a once in a lifetime Siver State Classic Challenge timed rally.

Photography was a part-time hobby until I neared retirement, then I began taking courses (thank you Joe McNally, David Hobby, Scott Kelby, Michael Zelbel, Joe Edelstrom and the "SnapChick" Brittany Leigh) and started photographing models and families. It is amazing how much these talented photographers coach and share.

I had the opportunity to do sessions with a great coach and the Harper College Water Polo Club. Also, I had the privilege of taking photograhs at performances of Harper College's "Back Porch Review".

Without doubt, photography has been one of the most fulfillng and rewarding parts of my life.

Thank you for visiting.

My Gear

Primary cameras - Nikon D7200, D5100 & D90, with 50mm, 18-55mm & 55-300mm lenses. Secondary camera - Canon PowerShot SX50-HS.

Lighting and modifiers - Westcott LunaGrip, Westcott 26" Octa,  ProMaster 32" 5-in-1 reflector, ProMaster 24" softbox, four LumoPro 7' lightstands with ground spikes.

Various grids and gels, and bags to carry it all.

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